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Dec 6, 2021

Dr. Jeff and Josh Daiter are brothers and the Co-founders of InVintory. Their business uses augmented reality to create a unique platform for wine collectors. Josh comes from a background in technology, serving as the company’s Chief Product Officer. Dr. Daiter, on the other hand, is a licensed physician who currently serves as the CEO of InVintory and was previously the Medical Director for Oak Ridges Dermatology Centre. Together, they’ve combined their love for wine and their respective expertise to start their unprecedented company for wine collectors everywhere.

In this episode…

Wine collectors are very, very passionate about their collections. From the organizational system they choose to the wines they select to the display of their collection, people take the process seriously. But the detailed cataloging can be a complex task to undertake, and may even make the actual enjoyment of your vino more difficult than it should be. When it comes to your wine, the process should be effortless and simple. 

That’s why Dr. Jeff and Josh Daiter started InVintory. The two brothers created a platform that keeps up with the organization and information of your wine collection, revolutionizing your relationship with your wine cellar. Solving a problem that they faced, they used budding technology to create a practical solution for an unexplored issue. It’s a unique offering, and now, the two are here to explain how it works.

Darren Fox hosts Dr. Jeff and Josh Daiter, the Co-founders of InVintory, to hear about their wine collecting platform and what it looks like in action. They talk through the software, the user experience, and the response they’ve had from real wine collectors. They then dive into the details of InVintory’s future and how they’ve been so successful so far. They also give advice for new entrepreneurs and the principles they can apply. Hear all this and more on this episode of Pitcher This!