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Brewing up stories + brand marketing advice with beverage industry leaders.

Share your experience building a brand that makes people thirsty. On the Pitcher This! podcast, we’ll talk about how you got into the beverage industry and what you love about it today. We’re excited to hear about your inspirations, challenges, and memorable moments along the way.


Nov 29, 2021

Jordan Radke is the Co-founder and COO of Pilot Project Brewing, an open-source tasting facility and incubator. They house experimental brews for brands around Chicago and across the nation. Before his time in Chicago, Jordan worked in Madison, Wisconsin as an Archives Manager for the Center for Railroad Photography & Art. He has also worked as an intern for both Wisconsin Public Radio and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In this episode…

It can be easier said than done to support local, experimental brands. The growing popularity of local support has made this easier, but it’s still far from perfect. One of the greatest hurdles is discovering these niche companies and having an accessible way to try them out. Jordan Radke felt this pain and created his own business to suit the demand.

Jordan and his co-founder Dan Abel created Pilot Project Brewing for this very reason. Their business works as an incubator for breweries, a hub for experimentation, and a showcase for local brands. Despite a few complications throughout COVID, they were able to come out even more successful on the other end. They’re here today to share their story as well as their successes.

In this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast, Darren Fox has Jordan Radke, the Co-founder and COO of Pilot Project Brewing, to talk about the company and how they’ve been making local brands more accessible and centralized than ever. Together, they discuss Pilot Project’s origins, their rises and falls, and how they’ve gotten to where they are today. They also touch on their approach to marketing and how they’ve thrived in Chicago. Hear it all and more on this episode!