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Brewing up stories + brand marketing advice with beverage industry leaders.

Share your experience building a brand that makes people thirsty. On the Pitcher This! podcast, we’ll talk about how you got into the beverage industry and what you love about it today. We’re excited to hear about your inspirations, challenges, and memorable moments along the way.


Jun 23, 2021

Haley Langer is a Front End Developer at Idea Marketing Group, a marketing agency that helps businesses grow by generating leads and increasing brand awareness. Haley uses her skills in graphic design and visual communications to create custom websites for clients. 

Before joining Idea Marketing Group, Haley was a...

Jun 7, 2021

Carlton Fowler and James Pelligrini are Managing Partners of Goat Rodeo Capital, a venture capital fund specializing in early-stage opportunities within the alcohol beverage space. Carlton and James have nearly 30 years of combined experience in management, brand development, and marketing. They have collaborated on...